A 5-Day Boot Camp and Storyselling Framework

to help you close the sale without being salesy. 

Let me let you in on a secret. 

Your story is the key to freeing yourself from the struggles you've had in business; it is the very thing that will unlock your possibilities, giving you the things you desire most.

This boot camp is 100% for you if what you desire is: 


Around what you have to offer, who you're here to offer it to, and why you're the person to do just that.


Turning stories of shame and lack into empowering lessons for elevation and growth. 


Letting people see themselves in you and feel inspired by your journey-- ready for what you have to offer.

Brand Story

Boot Camp

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"People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it and what you do simply proves what you believe." ~ Simon Sinek

Here's What You Can Expect

over the 5-Day Brand Story Boot Camp

  • Day 1: Getting to Know You(rself)

    Before you can ask for the sale or share why your offer is what your client needs right now, they've gotta get to know you. The key is to share with them the part that makes the most sense, will connect with your audience, will lead to the close.

  • Day 2: Stop Hitting Yourself

    No one will listen to the person who appears to be perfect, whose life comes off as unattainable, or who they determine can't relate to their journey. So on this day, you'll learn how to build the bridge so they can see themselves in you.

  • Day 3: Are We There Yet?

    The open loop is a magical tool in storyselling. On day three, you'll learn how to keep your audience on the edge of their seat, waiting to hear how your story ends. 

  • Day 4: GPS Rerouting

    Now that you've spent the last three days engaging your ideal client/customer with your story, it's time that you pivot it towards them. Learn how to do that in a way that is a smooth transition from your story to theirs. 

  • Day 5: There's Help for That

    OOoooooh, baby! Every day has led to this moment. This is where you learn how to close the sale without feeling salesy. 

Leverage your story. 

Increase your income.

Create exponential impact.

You no longer have to be afraid to tell your story in your business. 

There was purpose for your experience.

There is purpose in your story.

It's time to leave your (un)comfort zone. 

 Join the Brand Story Boot Camp right now.

I'm Shaneequa, the Brand Story Queen.

I became an author before I knew my story.

I started a business before I knew my story.

I landed a TEDx before I knew my story.

I bought a logo and created an LLC before I knew my story.


But it wasn't until I knew my story and SHARED it with intention that I began to create an authentic connection with the people aligned with my purpose and began making money. 


If you want to know how to do that for yourself, jump in the Brand Story Boot Camp today!

Frequently asked question

You've got questions; I've got answers. 

Where will the Brand Story Boot Camp™ be held? 

The Brand Story Boot Camp™ can be accessed right here in the Kartra membership. 

How is Brand Story Boot Camp™ different than every other brand story course?

What businesses could Brand Story Boot Camp™ work for?

Is there a money back guarantee? 

Will we have lifetime access to the Brand Story Boot Camp™?

Can I just watch videos on YouTube to learn about storytelling?

When does the Brand Story Boot Camp™ start?

Will I get results from the Brand Story Boot Camp?

If you complete all exercises with open-mindedness, good intentions, vulnerability, and honesty, you will have results equal or greater to the energy you put in. 

Brand Your Story and Close the Sale with Authenticity & Confidence.

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