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Business Storytelling Workshop

How to use your story to take the salesy out of your online sales.

  • (even if you think you don't have a story).

Whether you're a service-based entrepreneur or you sling products that bring smiles to the world, your story will help you move mountains in your business, aligning you to greater purpose and profits.


Here’s what you can expect to learn in the FREE business storytelling masterclass:

  • How to achieve an authentic connection with your audience

  • I will share with you the proven method for telling a story that helps you authentically connect to your audience. 

  • How to position your sell as an act of service

  • See how to take the salesy out of your sales pitch so that people are attracted to what you're offering and not repelled by it.  

  • How to nail down why people need your product or service 

  • Walk through the pieces of the story that help your audience clearly understand what your product is and why it will help them. 

  • How to showcase your unique value proposition so that people will choose you and your product over another

  • It's common wisdom in the entrepreneur space that people buy you, not your product. Your story will help you AND your product stand out.

  • How your story can help your audience recognize barriers to achieving their goals

  • Uncover why story is the most powerful tool for building know, like, trust so that your audience is able to move past their objections and become clients or customers.


Come learn what it is that they've learned about story...

It's Not Selling; It's Serving.

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Get ready to use your story for your glowup.

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